Questionnaire to evaluate the guard services
Questionnaire for the Directorate of Public Relations of the Ministry of Interior (MOI) To measure the satisfaction of the visitors of the MOI sections in events and exhibitions in the Kingdom of Bahrain.


Job Title

Telephone No.


Firts: The level of your satisfaction of the security guarding services
1    General appearance and neatness
2    Work competency
3    A and respect of work time
4    Dealing with employees
5    Dealing with visitors and applicants
6    Honesty and safe handling of assets
7    Commitment to job duties
8    Commitment to work privacy and confidentiality
9    The guard understands the special security requirements of the organisation
10    The level of activeness in performing job duties
11    Guard awareness of safety procedures at the workplace
12    Speed in responding to work requirements and fulfilling work duties
13    Commitment to instructions per specialties
14    The management meets your demands
15    Suitability of the location of the guard
16    Speed in responding to inquiries and requests
17    Speed in responding to service-related complaints
18    The level of respond of the management to your request for crime prevention information
19    Improvement Suggestions

20    Comments & Complaints


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